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I believe in giving praise when due, as well as receiving praise gracefully. Below are some of the endorsements I’ve had the honor of receiving from colleagues I’ve worked with over the years. 


Velocys would not have grown into the company it is today without Roy. He brings to bear huge intellect and drive, and is relentless in pursuit of progress in business. Roy inspires with his strategic vision and engages in the finest detail where it makes the difference. A proactive listener, he is challenging in his analysis and considered in his decisiveness. Courageous, yet always professional, Roy takes bold moves and makes things happen! 

Keith Wiggins

APR 2016


Roy Lipski helped take technology from my laboratory and grow it into asignificant public company. He is a man of strong leadership qualities and integrity and we became and still are good friends.

Malcolm Green

APR 2016


Roy is a talented and passionate business leader and entrepreneur who I had the pleasure of workig for for 8 years whilst he was CEO of Velocys plc, taking the company from an Oxford University spin out to a leader in the competitive smallscale GTL field. 

Robert Hamill

JAN 2020


Roy is an entrepreneurial, smart, experienced, and thoughtful CEO. He understands very well what the process of strategy implementation really entails.

Eitan Popper

ARP 2020


Roy is a visionary leader who played a huge part in growing Velocys from early beginnings to a game-changer poised to make a key contribution to the energy transition. He inspired and challenged a wide range of people to do extraordinary things in pursuit of shared goals. He is a profound thinker and a compelling speaker; talented, committed, diligent, and sets high standards for himself and others. 

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Neville Hargreavees

MAR 2016

The time I spent under Roy’s leadership at Infonic remains one ofthe most professional-rewarding of my career. He combines entrepreneurial vision with great personal integrity, and ‘walks the walk’ more than any other leader I have worked with, before or since.


Chris Thomas

APR 2016

Roy Lipski is a truly inspiring leader who helped me see the value and purpose of the work that we were doing. He created an environment where people contributed their most to help realise the vision of the company. Even after I left the company, Roy made me feel cared for and part of the Oxford Catalysts/Velocys family. He demonstrates the highest level of integrity coupled with honesty and insight into the details. Without Roy in that position, Velocys would not have grown as it is today. I would strongly recommend him as a true passionate leader and a great visionary.  

Sreekala Rugmini

APR 2016


Roy is a tenacious, demanding and brave CEO. His meticulous preparation, drive and expertise ensured the transformation of a small university spinout to a budding international catalysis company. Roy’s timing during challenging market condition was impeccable. Furthermore, he secured transformational deals, including the purchase of Velocys Inc., and the formation of a joint ventures with industry heavyweights, Waste Management and NRG Energy. 


Anders Gabrielsson

APR 2016

Roy has the rare ability of lifting companies from an idea to something real, tangible and successful. He combines passion with a positive sense of urgency. But for Roy’s almost super human effort and improbable success fund raising during the financial meltdown in 2008, it’s unlikely that Velocys would exist today. 

Dave Wardle

APR 2016


I worked closely with Roy when he was CEO of Oxford Catalysts/Velocys over the last decade. He was a pleasure to work with and always happy to share his knowledge/expertise with those around him. His attention to detail, honesty and insight into what makes a public company successful resonated positively with investors, media and other stakeholders alike. Roy is a hands on and valuable executive who is passionate about any endeavour he takes on. 

Celine Crawford

APR 2016

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