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I believe in giving praise when due, as well as receiving praise gracefully. Below are some of the endorsements I’ve had the honor of receiving from colleagues I’ve worked with over the years. 


Roy has a rare combination of deep technical expertise and commercial focus. He is intellectually tenacious and appropriately thoughtful yet not afraid to make decisions. Equally important, he values people, treats them fairly, and always tries to do what is right.

Matt Arnold

MAR 2020


Roy has all the attributes of a successful entrepreneur, including but not limited to: vision, leadership, ingenuity, persuasion, perseverance, and hard work. I've seen many executives through my long industrial career and consider Roy to be among the very best. As a person, Roy is a pleasure to interact with: engaging, direct, transparent, and intelligent. And he has a wonderful family. It's been my pleasure to consult for Roy since May 2016. Over that time, I've come to know him well as a professional and a person. He is not only a good colleague, but a good friend as well.

Jeff Lievense

FEB 2020


Roy Lipski is a deep thinker and an outstanding strategist. He recognizes opportunities that others overlook and with his perseverance and tenacity can turn ideas into reality. He was co-founder of Oxford Catalyst and found the way to success by merging with Velocys. Roy is an innovator with an ambition.

Jan Verloop

MAR 2020

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Roy is the perfect CEO for a growing high tech venture. He took some exciting academic science from Oxford University and produced from this a rapidly growing company, which in almost record time had a successful IPO. As CEO, Roy also grew the business and extended its range both scientifically and geographically, notably from the UK to the USA.  

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Roy is a visionary who grasps great challenges and builds innovative technology companies that develop commercial solutions. He demonstrates the highest integrity coupled with principled decision making to increase company value. Roy is a strong business leader who is both intelligent and hard working with disciplined strategic planning skills. He inspires teams to excel outside of their comfort zone to reach a higher level of performance. I have known Roy for more than 8 years and he is highly recommended to build a great company.


Roy has probably the highest integrity of anyone for whom I have worked. He passionately drove Oxford Catalysts (later Velocys) forward from little more than an idea to a company that led the world in its high tech niche. Roy is especially concerned with "getting the right people on the bus". He has an incredible memory, so there’s little room to hide for those who promise and don’t deliver. 


Roy Lipski is what you want from a CEO – passionate with a big vision and able to promote his company, but at the same time honest with analysts and investors. I first met Roy in 2008 when I heard the Oxford Catalyst (now Velocys) equity story. I come across many blue sky stories, but few that actually manage to navigate the difficult journey towards commercialisation. Roy demonstrated all the skills to be able to do this, removing road blocks, taking control of commercialisation through acquisitions and strategic partnerships, thinking through a monetisation model and convincing backers to fund him. I still quote him for my own business – “out of dislocation, giant new companies are born”. I would certainly recommend him to lead technology businesses to commercial success. 

Neil Shah

APR 2016


Roy has the rare attributes of being able to develop a company from start up to large scale multi-national, organically and through acquisition, combining effective detailed business management with strong investor relations and institutional investment and broker engagement.


Magnus Goodlad

APR 2016

Roy is the type of leader who inspires people at all levels of a company. His passion for overcoming obstacles, combined with his ability to openly confront the reality of the day, builds a common vision that drives progress. Roy challenges himself and those around him, to strive for, and achieve excellence. He actively seeks the information needed to make the best decision and listens to the opinions of others. Roy is a great leader and an innovative thinker. He has the skills and personality needed to take a company to commercial success. I strongly recommend him. 


Tom Yuschak

MAY 2016

There are few people in this world, who have Roy’s strength and resilience. Over the 15 years that I have known him his work ethic and integrity have been an inspiration. If you ever want to be somebody’s wing-man, Roy would be top of my list.

Mungo Park

MAY 2019

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