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I believe in giving praise when due, as well as receiving praise gracefully. Below are some of the endorsements I’ve had the honor of receiving from colleagues I’ve worked with over the years. 


Roy is a visionary entrepreneur with a talent for identifying transformational technologies that can revolutionize the marketplace. His ability to turn proof-of-concept technologies into successful enterprises is exceptional. Roy is an inspirational leader with great passion and perseverance.


Having worked with Roy as a consultant for the past three years, I find him to be someone who embraces both substance and style. He has a fine intellect and quickly grasps details of complex subjects. His ability to identify “the obvious that no one else sees” is second to none. While his goals can be aspirational, Roy accepts reality and adapts when things don’t go as planned. He can be demanding and critical without offending. Tenacious and driven, he still manages to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Roy’s professional and personal attributes are to be emulated.


Roy Lipski is a visionary business leader who excels at commercializing disrupting technologies. He expects excellence and commitment from his employees, but in return Roy offers his full dedication and energy to ensure the success of the venture. No business or technical obstacle will thwart Mr. Lipski: He is unafraid to delve into any part of the business, asking insightful questions and offering novel ideas that inspire teams to solve whatever issue is facing the organization. Roy is unquestionably gifted and one of the rare individuals with solid business and technical abilities, capable of both advocating for his company in the marketplace and ensuring the success of his technology. It was an honor to work with Roy and undoubtedly expect him to continue making the world a better place at any organization he leads.  

Eric Daymo

MAR 2020


Roy Lipski is extraordinarily creative and solution-oriented. While leading Velocys, he demonstrated commitment to finding winning paths forward for investors, customers, suppliers, and his team. Fully capable of seeing the big picture, he also has an uncanny memory and attention to detail.

Laura Silva

MAR 2020


At his best Roy is exceptional. He has clarity of vision, great strategic insight and is a first class communicator.


Roy’s ability to understand and work with the equity capital markets is uncanny. He gave Velocys a big vision to propel its growth, and provided me moral support and resources to accomplish my professional goals, which is one of the most important things a CEO can do for his/her company and team.

Neal Patel

APR 2016

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